Mr Thomas Ho, JP

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Mr Thomas Ho, JP

Chief Executive
Gammon Construction Limited

Mr Thomas Ho, JP, is the Chief Executive of Gammon Construction Limited, a Hong Kong based construction group with operations throughout China and South-East Asia, jointly owned by Jardines and Balfour Beatty. Gammon has a turnover of around USD2.5 Billion and employs over 5000 professional staff.

Thomas possesses over 30 years of experience in contract, project management and general management. He is very active in community services and professional institutes’ services and is recognized by the Industry as the figurehead in promoting Excellence in Construction Management and Quality Construction. His passion and commitment in pursuing safety in the workplace, as demonstrated in the series of CEO Safety Forum for which he pulls together the efforts of government officials and industry leaders, is applauded by all stakeholders.

Thomas was recently been appointed by CIC to Chair the CITAC which serve to develop the Centre to be the knowledge hub and to demonstrate local application. It is also the intention of the Centre to promote Innovation Culture within the Industry and Community at large.